Full time student aspiring cook and a world traveler

This is my wordpress for my digital imaging class. I will be using this blog to update my professor with my progress. In this class we were asked to choose a non profit sustainable organization. I chose the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. A foundation that aims to eliminate poaching around the world.

I am fortunate enough that I travel to South Africa for a family vacation every year. In the past 10 years that we have been going, animal poaching has increased dramatically. This needs to stop so we can ensure that these beautiful animals are saved for future generations to enjoy.

I am also an avid cook. One day my dream is to have my own lifestyle cooking television show. I post a lot of pictures to my instagram. http://www.instagram.com/nickessernow and link to twitter http://www.twitter.com/nickessernow I also hashtag most of my cooking photos with #fattynofriends. Fattynofriends is a saying I have been saying for years. Its meaning is open to interpretation but to me it mean enjoying the kind of cooking that is so good that you don’t want to eat it in front of people because you will be licking your fingers and have sauce from ear to ear.